Device Overview

The Homebase is connected via an ethernet cable to your router, and you can connect up to 30 different Energomonitor sensors to one station. Transmission from the transmitter works on a radio signal, and the standard range should be approximately three times longer than wifi range. Inside buildings, it is around 20-50 m. If sensors in a second building is not within this range, it will be necessary to assign another Homebase station. The Homebase keeps the connection with the sensors 1x in 5-6 seconds and data is sent and stored in the cloud every 60 seconds. To make the system work properly, you need to have an active internet connection.

Network Requirements

  • The Energomonitor Homebase (current generation EWG5/EWG6) uses DHCP for IP address assignment. 
  • The Homebases connect to two Energomonitor's servers via two network protocols on their standard ports:
    • HTTP (80/TCP) for device configuration and for remote firmware updates,

    • MQTT (1883/TCP) to send measured data in real-time.

  • The network connection is established from the Homebase to the server, thus there is no need for a public IP address and/or special firewall rules in a customer's network.