First installation

The first step is creating your user account:

  • Go to and fill in data for your new user account. 
  • The serial number of your Homebase you can find on the bottom of the Homebase.
  • Tip: You can change the language of the app from the pull-down menu at the top-right corner.
  • Now you can log into the app. The app will tell you your Homebase is not connected yet, so let's go to Homebase installation.

Connect your Homebase to our servers:

  1. Plug the Homebase into an electricity source. The power adapter connects to port D.
  2. Connect the ethernet cable to port E. Connect the opposite end of the ethernet cable to your internet router. When the connection is made, both LEDs of port E should start flashing.

Now the Homebase is connected to our servers. After 90 seconds, you should see the Homebase in your app account.

Now you can pair the Homebase with Energomonitor sensors by setting the Homebase and the sensor into the pairing mode at the same time.

Setting the Homebase into paring mode:

1. Use the A and B buttons on the Homebase to select one of the 30 available channels.

2. When a selected channel is shown on the display (C), press and hold both buttons at the same time with long press.

When the display displays the color violet, the Homebase will be set into pairing mode for one minute and listens for a sensor which is also in pairing mode. See the Quick start guide of the individual sensors for detailed steps on how to get them into pairing mode.