First installation 

You need to pair the Portasight display with your Homebase by setting the Homebase and the Portasight into pairing mode at the same time:

  1. Set the Homebase into pairing mode by pushing both buttons at the same time. The Homebase stays in pairing mode for one minute.
  2. Remove the magnetic back of the Portasight and push the inside button for 2 seconds.

The device should be paired with the Homebase now and will show the current temperature and humidity.

Now go to the Energomonitor app ( and configure your new Portasight display. 

Troubleshooting tip: If you can't see the Portasight display in the app, you probably didn't manage the pairing process in time while the Homebase was in pairing mode. Just repeat the steps no. 1 and 2.