How accurate is Powersense monitoring?

  • Powersense monitoring is not 100% accurate, the approximate deviation is around 10-15%. It is the exchange for easy installation.
  • The reason is that Powersense measures the current only. Voltage is set as a constant and power factor is not considered at all. That means especially capacity and induction loads ( are factors which cause inaccuracies to Powersense measuring. 

Is there anything I can do to improve the accuracy?

  1. Be sure you set the correct voltage during the pairing process (see point no. 6 at the installation).
  2. Set the correction in the application. For Powersense sensors, there is advance settings possibility to do this. Check the consumption on the electricity meter and the Homebase (or in the app). If the power shown on the display of the Homebase will be incorrect for example for constant 1,73 (if you will set the Powersense transmitter for 230V), in the application, you can make a correction in the advanced settings (the correction for the sum would be /1.73), so the numbers in the app would be correct, only on the Homebase's display the data would be incorrect.