First installation

  1. Take your Homebase and look at the ports on the back side.

  2. Plug the Homebase into electricity via the middle port.

  3. Connect the ethernet cable to the right port. The internet must have a support of DHCP. Make sure that the LEDs are flashing.

  4. Choose one of the 30 channels by listing with the front buttons below the display. Then switch the Homebase into pairing mode by long press of the both buttons together. In pairing mode, the display will turn into violet colour and will remain in this mode for 1 minute.

  5. Connect Plugsense into the wall socket and push the button for 5 seconds. Plugsense should pair with the Homebase.

  6. Connect the measured appliance to the Plugsense. By the pressing of the button, you can turn appliance on and off.

  7. Go to and create your account. You can find required serial number of the device on the bottom side of the Homebase.