First installation

  1. Choose one of the empty channels on your Homebase and switch the Homebase into pairing mode. The Homebase remains in this mode for 1 minute.
  2. Take the transmitter and push the embedded button on the top for 2 seconds. Transmitter should pair with the Homebase.
  3. For next 60 seconds you can choose the coefficient of impulses per m3 by pushing the same button on the transmitter (changing value is displayed on Homebase). You will get the coefficient by converting the value printed on your gas meter through the conversion table.
  4. Choose the relay probe which fits with the impulse output on your gas meter. Attach the probe into the output.
  5. Connect the relay probe to the bottom port on the Transmitter.
  6. Open the Energomonitor app in your browser and configure new sensors.