First installation

The Airsense sensor must be paired with your Homebase before use by setting the Homebase and the Airsense into pairing mode at the same time. 

Please follow these steps to pair your new sensor to the Energomonitor Homebase:

  1. Set the Homebase into pairing mode by pushing both buttons at the same time. The Homebase will stay in pairing mode for one minute.
  2. Take your Airsense canary sensor and temporarily remove the “perch” from the base of the sensor - then touch it to the canary's head for 2 seconds. A magnet contained in the perch will trigger the sensor to enter pairing mode.
  3. The display of the Homebase will show the number “400” to show that pairing was successful. Please, wait up to 1 minute for both devices to exit pairing mode before use.

The sensor is now paired with the Homebase and you can see the CO2 concentration value that is being monitored by your Airsense on the display of your Homebase.

Now go to the Energomonitor app ( and configure your new Airsense sensor.