Re-pairing to another Homebase or another channel

It is possible to re-pair the display to another Homebase or another channel of the same Homebase.

Follow the same steps as during the first pairing:

  1. Set the Homebase into pairing mode by pushing both buttons at the same time. The Homebase stays in pairing mode for one minute.
  2. Remove the magnetic back of the Portasight and push the inside button for 2 seconds.

New pairing entirely cancels the previous pairing. It is not possible to have the display paired with more Homebases or channels at the same time.

Replacement of the batteries

  • Remove the head of the canary sensor, pull out the board and replace the batteries.
  • After the batteries replacement, switch the sensor off and on again by the button on the board to re-calibrate the sensor.
  • Push the board inside the chassis and close the head.